Potential pitfalls in Family Court Report Writing: Prevention and complaint procedures, June

presented by: Sierra Ryland & Steve Osborne 

Wellington 28 June, Auckland 29 June, Christchurch 30 June 2017, 9.00am - 12.00pm 

In 2016 the New Zealand Law Society reported that psychologists are turning away from Family Court work because of the high cost and rate of complaints. This reflects a trend that has been developing over a few years now. Past annual reports published by the New Zealand Psychologists Board show that the number of complaints per year has remained relatively constant, but each year, the main source of complaints against psychologists is Family Court report writing. Psychologists who work in this area need to be prepared for the day when a complaint may be made against them. However, there are some simple things that psychologists can do to minimise the risk of a complaint being made. Sierra Ryland, Senior Associate from DAC Beachcroft, will address these during the workshop along with practical examples for the group to work through. Even if a complaint is made, it need not be all “doom and gloom”. There are misconceptions about the complaints process and Steve Osborne, Chief Executive and Registrar of the New Zealand Psychologists Board, will put those to rest as well as explaining the complaints process. Steve will also discuss the types of decisions that the Board can make regarding a complaint and what this means for the individual psychologist

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