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The Health Psychology Un-Conference 2017, Palmerson North, 3-5 August

3 - 5 August 2017

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The Un-Conference is a loosely structured gathering of psychologists who work with clients with medical conditions.  It prioritises an informal exchange of information and ideas, with two inspiring guest speakers to stimulate discussion.

VENUE:        Convention Centre, 354 Main Street, Palmerston North

HOURS:       Friday 9.30am Welcome Morning Tea, 10am start, 5pm finish

                   Saturday 9am start, closing 2.30pm

COST:          $50 incl GST (includes refreshments only)

SPEAKERS:  Friday PM: Consumer Perspective

                    Saturday PM: Dr Diana Kopua, Consultant Psychiatrist, Hauora Tairawhiti                                                  

…  but wait!     There’s more!     Based on 2015 feedback:

The Pre Un-Conference Workshop

Thursday 3rd August 10.30am-5pm

FACT: Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr Bruce Arroll, GP & Professor of General Practice, University of Auckland

FACT has been developed as a brief, focused version of ACT for use in primary care settings.  This workshop will interest clinicians providing focused cognitive behavioural interventions to clients with both medical and mental health issues.

VENUE:     Convention Centre, 354 Main Street, Palmerston North

HOURS:     Welcome morning tea 10am, start 10.30am, finish 5pm   

COST:        $150 incl GST (includes refreshments and lunch) 

For registration and credit card payment go to: www.massey.ac.nz/un-conference