Resources for working with different cultures

This is to provide information about a range of cultures and working with clients from different cultural backgrounds including academic and clinical articles, presentations and links to useful sites. 

Please follow this link for contact details of clinicians or cultural advisors who have offered to provide cultural advice to people with clients from cultures other than their own.

Please email me at with any and all contributions and suggestions for this wonderful new resource and/or with your contact details if you are happy to be included in the list of cultural advisors.

Code of Ethics for Psychologists Working in Aotearoa/New Zealand & Te Tikanga Matatika: Mā ngā Kaimātai Hinengaro e mahi ana i Aotearoa/New Zealand

PRINCIPLE 1:  Respect for the Dignity of Persons and Peoples 
 1.1 General respect   4 
 1.2 Non-discrimination   5 
 1.3 Relations between Maori and non-Maori   5 
 1.4 Sensitivity to diversity    6

Other recommended publications:

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