The Massey Psychology Clinic is launching a new therapeutic group for young people aged 14 – 17 who are experiencing mild to moderate depression or/and anxiety, stress or interpersonal difficulties.

The programme is based on the DNA-v model from The Thriving Adolescent by Louise Hayes and Joseph Ciarrochi. The aim of this program is to help young people develop psychological flexibility, which is the ability to do what they care about even if they have difficult thoughts and feelings. It is an approach based in ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and positive psychology grounded in contextual behavioural science. This group programme will allow its group members to connect with other young people as they take their own journey to increased resilience and strength.

The group will be run after school during Term 2 2020 by psychologists from the Massey Psychology Clinic: Dr Melissa de Wolff (Clinic Director), Heinrich De Kock (Senior Clinical Psychologist) and Jenny Jeffrey (Intern Psychologist). The programme consists of six weekly sessions 2 hours each, starting Thursday 23rd April 4.30pm. We plan to have 10-12 young people in each group. Cost is $360 for the six-week program and will be delivered at The Massey Clinic, 24 King Street, Mt Cook, Wellington. On finishing the group, individuals will also be given the opportunity to continue meeting with one of our psychologists for some individual follow up sessions at a reduced rate of $60 an hour.

When you refer a young person to the programme, each group member and their caregiver will receive an initial call from the facilitators. The aim of this call is to welcome them to the group, discuss any worries they may have and collect some background information. Also attached is a poster that can be given to the teen and/or caregiver.

Please note that the group would not be appropriate for young people who are actively self-harming or experiencing suicidal ideation, unless they are currently engaged with adequate supports to hold their risk.  If so, this will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please contact Jenny Jeffrey with any enquiries or referrals at or call 04 979-3581. Download the flyer here.