Annual Scientific Meeting of the New Zealand Pain Society Inc.

“Making the Connection – Cortex, Culture and Community”

17th March 2021 – Nurses SIG Education Day

18th – 20th March - 2021 NZPS Conference

Copthorne Hotel, Bay of Islands, New Zealand 

All of us at some time in our lives will experience pain; for many of us that is a short lived experience and we move on but for around 20% or more of the population that pain continues and can become a disabling, distressing and disrupting experience and frequently a challenging issue for health providers working with people in this situation. 

The meeting in Waitangi provides us with the opportunity to gather, discuss, learn, share knowledge, evidence, best practice and debate to assist with providing up to date approaches to this challenging area of health care.  Part of the focus of “Making the Connection” will be looking at and sharing ways to deliver services to Tangata Whenua and also to people outside of main centres in areas where Specialists are not available and where access can be a challenge.  International speakers will bring their expertise along with a wide range of New Zealand based clinicians and researchers.