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Couples Educational Workshops
Next Workshop: 20 – 21 February, Wellington

Do you know of any couples who are facing more stress lately or who would benefit from tools to improve their relationship?

The pandemic has brought new challenges for families. For many couples, the regular distractions of daily life can lead to stressful  exchanges, greater sense of distance, and less savouring of the romance that originally brought them together.  

Our weekend workshop offers our couples the opportunity to build a positive connection together, increasing their intimacy and sense of aliveness and helping to focus on what is best about their bond. Couples keep telling us it made the difference in their relationship, and they are telling their friends and family to come.

The workshop is suitable for all couples, from those in decent shape and just wanting to enhance their already positive connection, to those struggling with recurring issues and/or facing high distress.

The workshop condenses 3-6 months’ worth of Couples therapy sessions into one weekend, so it offers a huge advantage over the usual approach of weekly or fortnightly sessions. It offers couples already doing couples counselling a way to quickly get on the same page together, meaning their progress in counselling sessions is greatly accelerated.  Couples who have attended say they feel more connected and hopeful about having a manual and a common pathway to follow.  

Other workshop dates in 2021:

  •  1 - 2 May in Tauranga
  •  12 - 13 June in Wellington
  •  28 - 29 August in Tauranga
  • 9 - 10 October in Wellington

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