This training event is a unique opportunity for you to receive a high-level course, where you will learn skills and gain insights from an international expert in this field.

Details of the courses:

  • Who: Dr Joe Sullivan from Forensic Solutions.
  • When: 9th to 13th September 2019 (five days).
  • Where: Level 1 – 45 Pipitea Street, Wellington.
  • Why: Participants will learn tactics and techniques from an international expert in     this field that will help them identify sexual offenders online and improve their techniques when interviewing offenders.
  • Price: NZ$1,500 for 5-day course (including both courses, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

There is a limited number of spaces available for this training; therefore, we would be grateful if you could register as soon as possible.

Digital Safety Group

If you have any questions about the training workshop, please contact us by email: – Please submit your registration form by the 20th June 2019.

About Dr Joe Sullivan

Dr Joe Sullivan and his team provide specialist training on sexual offending, the behavioural analysis behind the crimes and insights into the minds of perpetrators. Training participants learn how to interpret offender behaviour more effectively and develop practical skills to inform their decision-making in sensitive situations.

Dr Sullivan is a Registered Forensic Psychologist who has worked closely with police officers, social workers, probation officers, faith groups and educationalists to provide insight into the motivations, thoughts and behaviours of child sex offenders. He has assisted the UK and European police forces on investigations into the sexually motivated abduction, murder and assault of children, and has been called as an expert witness to give evidence to criminal, civil and family courts.

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Course Framework

Just Looking? Evaluating Risk in Online Behaviour

8th – 9th September 2019

This course explains how some individuals use technology, enabling us to develop more informed risk assessment and law enforcement strategies and to provide more effective safeguarding.

Participants explore key issues, including whether possessing indecent images of children indicates a risk of contact offending and the similarities between online and offline offending. Child sexual exploitation can occur in varying forms and front-line professionals increasingly need to understand how technology can be used.

Whilst the course deals with issues around technology, it is not necessary for participants to possess advanced technological knowledge.

Topics covered include:

  • Up-to-date research findings about technology-facilitated exploitation of children
  • Indecent images and stories – understanding their role
  • Collecting and distributing indecent images of children – the risk significance
  • Producers of indecent images of children – who are they?
  • Online grooming – web cam technology as an exploitative tool
  • Convergence – the role of mobile phone technology
  • How offenders exploit children engaged in risky behaviour
  • How women offenders use the internet
  • Networking behaviours and organised groups

Interviewing Sex Offenders

10th – 13th September 2019

This course provides participants with a tried and tested methodology for developing, preparing and implementing effective interview strategies with perpetrators of child sexual abuse and those about whom there are concerns, both in the online and offline environments.

This training ensures that all participants will recognise the value of crucial information and teaches how to harness it to further develop the interview. By analysing a series of video interviews with offenders, participants get a first-hand opportunity to understand how interview skills can be implemented and built upon.

Forensic Solutions’ comprehensive specialist interview system has been specifically designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of those professionals who interview child sex offenders in the course of law enforcement investigations, child protection evaluations and risk assessment and/or management of offenders.

Topics covered include:

  • What encourages engagement in interview
  • How theory informs practice in interview planning
  • Protocols for interview planning
  • Offence analysis and sexual offending against children
  • Designing a layered interview approach
  • Identified subject profiling
  • Advanced techniques and practical skills in interviewing child sexual offenders
  • Using the Sullivan Behaviour Analysis Tools (S-BAT) in designing interview strategies
  • Demonstrations of interview planning and the delivery of interview strategy