A rigorous and flexible professional training in
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy - New Zealand

Residential Intensive 17th – 23rd October, 2020
Bella Rakha Retreat Centre, Auckland

In this age of increasing “McMindfulness” offerings, we are excited to announce that the MTI internationally recognised pathway of training in Mindfulness Based Programs (MBSR, MBCT and evidence-based adaptations of these original programs) has been established in New Zealand. The first course took place in October 2018, the October 2020 course will be the second. This training may be of interest to a wide range of professions including psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors, dieticians, physiotherapists, yoga teachers, educators, group leaders and coaches.

What the pathway offers

• A profoundly transformative, engaging and relevant training experience - personally and professionally
• A flexible structure
• In-depth knowledge and teaching skills cultivated over time
• Development of the embodiment of mindfulness (aliveness, sensitivity to self and others, empathic attunement, groundedness, equanimity, authenticity, curiosity and non-identification)
• Rigorous standards of supervision, assessment and certification
• A thriving community of mindfulness teachers regionally and internationally
• Registered teachers listed on the MTI website for referrers and the public

Be in touch
The underpinnings of the mindfulness-based programs are different from mindfulness-informed programs (like DBT, ACT and others) and therefore have different training requirements. So please be in touch to discuss your interests, the overall pathway and the prerequisites.

Please contact Diane May at Dianne@mtia.org.au to arrange
a personal interview to discuss your interest and questions.

About MTI
MTI is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing quality, sustainable and flexible professional training programs to support competencies for teaching mindfulness. MTI is highly regarded internationally and has
been very active alongside other leading organisations in the field in the development of international standards of
training, certification and teaching.

For information and registrations P: +64 27 468 7149 E: dianne@mtia.org.au