EFT is:

• A short-term focused treatment for individuals, couples
and families, which blends family systems and experiential
approaches to therapy with attachment theory.
• Developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, and showing strong empirical
evidence for positive client outcomes. It is globally the most
successful approach to couple therapy.
• Reflecting the most recent research on the nature of relationship
distress, which results from a perceived threat to basic
adult needs for safety, security, and closeness in intimate
• Based on a solid treatment map, which helps the therapist
guide the couple away from conflict impasse into new bonding
• Holding the solution to helping couples thrive again!

19–22 February Christchurch
Externship Heike McCahon

26–29 February Tauranga
Externship Yve Gould

29 April – 2 May Auckland
Externship Heike McCahon

6–9 May Wellington
Externship Yve Gould

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