EFT is:

• A short-term focused treatment for individuals, couples
and families, which blends family systems and experiential
approaches to therapy with attachment theory.
• Developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, and showing strong empirical
evidence for positive client outcomes. It is globally the most
successful approach to couple therapy.
• Reflecting the most recent research on the nature of relationship
distress, which results from a perceived threat to basic
adult needs for safety, security, and closeness in intimate
• Based on a solid treatment map, which helps the therapist
guide the couple away from conflict impasse into new bonding
• Holding the solution to helping couples thrive again! 

29 April – 2 May Auckland
Externship Heike McCahon

6–9 May Wellington
Externship Yve Gould

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Saturday 28 March and Saturday 4 April, 10–11am NZ time
Let's stick together in these tough times.
Practical support and working together right now is essential!
Sessions are open to all our NZ therapy whānau as we are all having to adjust to these rapidly changing times.