Many clients who have suffered chronic early sexual violence are often emotionally flooded by standard trauma exposure, thus this otherwise highly validated technique becomes problematic in their treatment. This has led to an emphasis on stabilizing interventions and resource activation with these clients. While this often leads to significant improvement, it still leaves the client vulnerable to the trauma and associated triggers, which can often be the cause of retraumatization. This results in a classic dilemma in all trauma therapies: stabilizing vs. confronting. In order to not cause more harm (in line with the old dictum of the Hippocratic Oath: “Primum non nocere” – first, cause no harm”) many therapists do not work on the traumatic memories, thereby forgoing a powerful tool on the path towards healing.

This workshop aims to present a method for working on the trauma in a gentle manner, one that will not lead to emotional overstimulation: “Rescuing the Inner Children”.  Distinctive features are an imaginative trauma therapy that is based on an ego-states understanding of trauma and dissociative states typical for early sexual traumata. The early sexual abuse is conceptualized as traumatized inner child states, which are targeted in the treatment by imaginatively rescuing these “children”. This helps to overcome the structural dissociation and leads to deeper trauma processing and lasting integration of trauma states into more stable personality functioning.     


  • Review of trauma models (information overflow to models like the structural dissociation by van der Hart) and their relation to understanding traumatic states
  • Inner and outer safety: Establishing the necessary groundwork for later trauma work
  • Dealing with perpetrator introjects: Internalizations of the perpetrators often literally haunt the clients, thus ways to deal with these are introduced and demonstrated
  • Rescue of inner children: details of the approach will be explained and theoretically grounded as well as demonstrated
  • Additional ways to do emotional trauma work, while maintaining “healthy adult” states of clients are introduced  

Intention of Workshop:

Familiarize participants with gentle approaches to trauma exposure and increasing confidence in doing emotional interventions with complex sexual traumatized patients. Learning to identify and minimize impact of perpetrator introjects in the inner dynamic of clients.      


Tobias Schulze, Clinical Psychologist: I received post graduate training in CBT and was licensed as psychological psychotherapist in Germany. Working many years in MH inpatient units I have developed a focus in my work on treating Personality Disorders and specifically on Narcissistic PD, as well as recurrent and chronic mental health conditions. I work from an integrative perspective combining Schema Therapy, ACT and psychodynamic understanding.


Venue: All Saints Conference Centre, 90 Hamilton Rd, Hataitai, Wellington

Times: 9 am to 5 pm

Catering: full catering provided (morning lunch, tea) for all dietary needs

Fee: $215. Credit card payments possible but will incur a $10 surcharge.

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