“Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders”
2-Day Workshop (2019):
Dr. Susan Simpson
Clinical Psychologist, Accredited Schema Therapy Trainer

Workshop Dates: Perth: 24-25th June; Melbourne: 28-29thJune;
Course Fees: Early Bird: $475 Full Fee: $500
Registrations: Request an invoice from info@schematherapyscotland.com or register online at 

Are you looking for new powerful methods to work with eating disorders? Do you want to improve your skills in the use of chair work to challenge self-critical and self-defeating patterns of thinking and behaviour? Are you seeking new skills and methods for working with strong coping and inner-critic modes? Do you find high levels of complexity and comorbidity interfere with treatment outcomes for eating disorders?
The workshop will offer you methods to cope with these challenging situations and will include:
• Methods to formulate complex eating disorder thoughts, behaviours, urges, & comorbid disorders using schema ‘modes’
• Methods in using imagery & chair-work to set limits on self-defeating ’inner critic’ modes
• Ways to use imagery & chair-work to bypass strong coping modes, especially the ‘Overcontroller’ and ’Detached Self-Soother’ modes
• Ways of working with those who are reluctant to participate in experiential work & to connect with emotions.
• Different methods to work with vulnerability & distress in eating disorders.
• Ways to use imagery & chair work to enhance client’s Healthy Adult mode in treatment.