Dates- July 3-5th, 2019
Venue- Cairns, Australia
Trainer- Dr. Susan Simpson, Advanced Schema Therapy Trainer, Clinical Psychologist.
CPD- 21 hours of active CPD

This workshop provides an introduction to the Schema Therapy Model, as well as an extensive platform for learning new skills for working with complex clinical presentations. The emphasis will be on working with schema ‘modes’. The training is skills-based, with opportunities to learn powerful experiential techniques for change, including chair-work and imagery rescripting.

The training will centre around the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder and other complex presentations. This workshop is suitable both for those who are complete beginners as well as those who have attended previous introductory workshops. If you have attended a 1 or 2 day workshop in the past, this workshop will build on this, to provide you with a good platform for learning and practicing skills, as well as direct coaching of the techniques that therapists often feel less confident in applying.We aim to have 1 presenter for every 14-16 attendees, allowing participants to have optimum coaching; observation and adequate supervision of skills – places are limited.

This workshop can be attended as a standalone workshop, or as part of our accreditation program in Schema Therapy. There will be 8 hours of role-play dyadic work and 13 hours of didactic work.

About the presenter: Dr Susan Simpson is a Clinical Psychologist and Advanced Schema Therapy Trainer (ISST Accredited) who works with patients with severe and complex psychological disorders both within the NHS (Scotland) and in private practice. Susan has over 20 years of experience using Schema Therapy with complex characterological difficulties . She has published several book chapters and journal articles on schema therapy. In addition, she has presented at national and international conferences and has provided several workshops on Schema Therapy across Australia and the UK. A full list of her publications can be found at

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