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Workshop: Treating Chronically Traumatized Children, Auckland, 18 October


Wed, Oct. 18, 2017

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Wednesday 18 October 2017 Auckland

Workshop: Treating Chronically
Traumatized Children.

The Sleeping Dogs method

The treatment of severely traumatized children and adolescents usually focuses on helping the child and the family to process their traumatic experiences. But in some cases the usual treatment doesn’t apply. These children may for example refuse to talk about the trauma, they may dissociate, or may say they have forgotten about it. There are times when we don’t dare talk about the trauma with the child because we are afraid of retraumatizing the child. Or a child becomes very aggressive or dissociates when the trauma is mentioned. And some children are very young and can’t speak about what happened or we don’t know exactly what happened. Cases such as these get stuck and often the trauma doesn’t get processed. We let ‘sleeping dogs lie’, with devastating consequences for future development. But how to help these children?

This one-day workshop will focus on how to get these ‘stuck cases’ going. It will outline the Sleeping Dogs method for stabilizing these children and planning resolutions and interventions for severely traumatized children, adolescents and their families. The goal of this treatment method is to get severely traumatized children and adolescents stabilized as quickly as possible so they can start processing traumatic memories. This is a practical workshop in which Arianne will ground the method in case examples. Participants will need to practice the use of this method with their own cases. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to plan and execute the stabilization phase for these children in order to prepare them for trauma processing. The theory will be explained in straightforward language; the same language that participants can use with their clients

Practical issues

Date: Wednesday 18 October 2017 9.00-4.00 pm

Location: to be determined in Auckland

Costs: 220 NZD no GST (This includes the book Treating Chronically Traumatized Children (Struik, 2014) and morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea). This workshop needs enough registration to go ahead

Information/inquiries please email Arianne Struik on

Arianne Struik is a clinical psychologist/ family therapist and EMDRconsultant. Since 1994, Arianne has worked in child-psychiatric clinics and hospitals in the Netherlands with severe and chronically traumatized children and adolescents. Arianne developed the Sleeping Dogs method (Struik, 2014) for which she received the Reinier Award, and is now providing training internationally. She is member of the European ISSTD Child and Adolescent Committee. Arianne lives in
Perth and provides specialized trauma treatment in remote areas, as well as workshops, training, supervision and research from the Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children.