The NZCCP Forums are now available  | Forum Access

  • To use the forums you must first register as a “user” of the NZCCP website.   Use the link above to get to the forums.
  • Registration is open to anyone, but improper use may result in being removed from the user list
  • In order to prevent registrations from spam users, please use a “sensible” user name (i.e. one that can be recognised as a real name) and complete the box with the “captcha” code in it.
  • Once registered, your account will have to be activated.  This requires human intervention and will therefore take as much, or as little time as it takes – mostly within 12 hours or less.
  • Use the links to navigate around the forums and topics within each forum.
  • To be notified of new posts, “subscribe” to that forum or topic (see link at bottom left of forum or topic)
  • If you want new Forums or topics created contact Caroline -
  • If you want a discussion forum set up which is only accessible to a specific, limited audience, contact Caroline giving your username, a name for the forum and who you want included.

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