Family Court trainingIf you are thinking about adding to or changing the focus of your practice, think about joining the Family Court Report writers. This is an intellectually stimulating, financially well rewarded but challenging area of work. There is a major shortage of report writers throughout  both Australia and New Zealand (and indeed world wide). AFCC, which is the major international  professional organisation (great conferences, lots of collegial support,  web based seminars) is, through the Australian Chapter (which includes us New Zealanders) running  both introductory and  masterclass training which is both face to face and internet based. There is a weekend training in Melbourne  coming up (great place to visit) as well as further workshops at the August Conference.   The training will help both those interested solely in report writing but also those thinking of   working with these families in therapy. If you are interested and want to know more contact Sarah Calvert. calverts@iconz,  Chair New Zealand  Family Court Specialist Psychologist Group.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy consultation and training in New Zealand:

Behavioural Tech

COBE404: Advanced Topics in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: A training Course for  Mental Health Professionals. This 60 point postgraduate paper in Advanced Topics in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is being offered by the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Otago, Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. This course is both practical and applied. It builds on the CBT cert level training to ensure Mental Health and Addiction practitioners are upskilled in a range of therapies and to develop “Leader Practitioners” in CBT. It is designed for health professionals who wish to extend their existing CBT assessment, conceptualisation and treatment skills to a broad range of complex presentations, including addictions.

Clinical Education courses: These courses are suitable for all health professionals who are already involved in educating within their workplace and want to improve their skills. Course Subjects: Teaching and Learning, Assessing Clinical Performance, Learning in Small Groups, Curriculum and Course Design, Clinical Supervision, Simulation and Clinical Skills, Inter-professional Learning, E-learning, Research methods.  Courses are run online with optional face to face workshops. They offer Post-graduate Certificates, Post-graduate Diplomas and Masters in Clinical Education. More information can be found here.