The College regularly makes and contributes to governmental consultations on important professional and social issues, including aspects of mental health and neurodiversity.  Click on the links below to read recent written submissions and press releases.


Submission to NZ parliament Economic Development, Science and Innovation Committee on Companies (Address Information) Amendment Bill, May 2024.

Briefing on types of 'Auxiliary' roles in psychology- including 'Assistant Psychologists', 'Associate Psychologists', 'Psychology Wellbeing Practitioners' and 'Psychometrists', April 2024. 

Feedback on He Waka Huia Takiwātanga Rau- draft NZ Autism Guideline Supplementary Paper on sex/gender differences in the presentation of autistic characteristics.

Submission to New Zealand Psychologists Board- Scopes of Practice Consultation, Feb 2024

Letter to the incoming Minister for Mental Health

Letter to the incoming Minister for ACC

Letter to the incoming Minister for Education

Letter to the incoming Minister of Finance


Submission to Te Aka Matua o te Ture | Law Commission on He Arotake i te Ture mō ngā Huarahi Whakatau a ngā Pakeke | Review of Adult Decision-Making Capacity Law. Law Commission, February 2023

Invited Submission to Parliamentary Select Committee: Petition of Amy Skipper: Increase funding for public and private mental health care services & Petition of Rylee Hays: Invest more resources into mental health and support. February 2023

Joint Submission with the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists on the Mamaenga roa: Model of Care for people living with chronic pain, Ministry of Health, January 2023. 


Invited Submission: Petition of Marion Maw Ensure access to ERP therapy for people living with OCD

Submission to Consultation: Mental Health and Addiction System and Service Framework (June 2022)

Submission to Consultation: Transforming our Mental Health Law (January 2022)


Invited Submission to the Petitions Committee - Petition of Lucy McLean: Increase the psychologist workforce in New Zealand (November 2021).

NZCCP submission to the Education and Workforce Select Committee: Inquiry into school attendance (September 2021)

NZCCP submission to the Consultation on the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill (September 2021)

PRESS RELEASE: NZ Clinical Psychologists say: “Work with us if you want to make health reform a success”


NZCCP statement on ‘Conversion Therapy’

NZCCP Submission to the Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction


NZCCP response to the Ministry of Health Strategy to Prevent Suicide in New Zealand (June 2017) 

NZCCP submission to HWNZ post entry training proposal (May, 2017)

NZCCP response to The Mental Health Act and Human Rights: A Discussion Document (March, 2017)


NZCCP submission to the Human Rights Commission's Review of Seclusion & Restraint in New Zealand (December, 2016)

NZCCP media release: Time-Out (21 October, 2016)

NZCCP submission to the NZ Health Strategy (February, 2016)

NZCCP submission to the Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan 2016-2020 (January, 2016)


Sir John Kirwan welcomed as NZCCP patron (October, 2014)

Family Court Issues Paper (August 2014)

Student Allowance Article (15 January, 2014)

Submission on restrictions to Student Allowances (14 February, 2014)


Press release Psychological Therapy Works But Who Is Willing To Pay  (8 August, 2013)


Submission on the National HWNZ Health Workforce Strategy (13 January, 2012)

NZCCP Comments on The Family Court Review (23 February 2012)

Submission on Green Paper (28 February, 2012)

Submission to the Blueprint II consultation (9 March, 2012)

Media Release on student allowances (29 June, 2012)

Submission on restrictions to Student Allowances (3 August, 2012)

Comment on Psychotherapist Clinical Supervision Policy (23 August, 2012)

Concerns re Cessation of Government-Funded Student Allowances for Postgraduate Students (7 November, 2012)


NZCCP comment on HWNZ proposal for RAs (19 April 2011)

Submission on Reporting Suicide: A Resource for the Media (23 August, 2011)

Submission to HWNZ Investment Plan Prioritisation Criteria (23 August, 2011)

Submission to the Alcohol Reform Bill (25 August, 2011)

Comments on Mental Health and Addiction Service Development Plan (MHASDP) (30 August, 2011)


Comments on A draft guidance paper for Towards optimal primary mental health care in the new primary care environment (19 February, 2010)

Comment on Draft Self Regulation Programme (30 November 2010)



Submission on Search and Surveillance Bill (21 September, 2009)

Submission to the NZ Law Commission: Alcohol in Our Lives (27 October, 2009)


Submission on Repeal of S59 (12 March, 2008)

NZCCP response to Review of Scopes of Practice (23 May 2008)

Submission Mental Health Action Plan Consultation Forum ?Primary Care Mental Health Plan (27 June 2008)

Submission on ACC Counsellor Category of Provider for Sensitive Claimants (10 July 2008)


Submission to the Mental Health Commission re Destination 2015 Te Hongona (26 May 2007)

Comment on Youth Sex Offenders submission (31 August, 2007)


Submission to the Ministry of Health?s Review of the Mental Health Commission (10 May, 2006)

Submission on Psychotherapy registration proposal (16 June, 2006)

Comment on Palliative Care NZ Scoping Report ( Wellington branch, 11 August 2006)

Letter to Listener on Repeal of S59 (27 September 2006)