The NZCCP welcomes applications for full and associate membership from NZ registered clinical psychologists and for student membership from students enrolled in a NZ clinical training programme.

Please check out the comprehensive range of membership benefits and resources provided by the NZCCP.

Apply for Full or Associate membership or Student membership with NZCCP by first creating an account at

You will then receive an email to confirm your account and to invite you to apply for  membership with NZCCP  here:

The documents required to support your application can either be uploaded with your application or emailed to me separately, including:

  • a copy of your current Annual Practising Certificate
  • a copy of your Degrees or Diplomas, or other proof of qualifications (If you trained overseas, please also supply a copy of your academic transcript showing the courses in your training)
  • a copy of your CV OR a brief description of your work history
  • reference forms x 2                                            
  • supervision contract 
  • supervision report 

For Overseas Applicants: 

  1. The NZCCP membership application process requires 2 references from NZ psychologists who’ve known the applicant for 6 months or more. However this requirement is flexible for people who have recently arrived from overseas and may not know any NZ psychologists. If this is you and you have any queries about this please contact Caroline at
  2. Equivalence of qualifications earned outside of NZ is determined on a case by case basis. Being registered in the clinical scope with the NZ Psychologists Board is necessary, but NOT sufficient for admission to NZCCP. (The NZ Psychologist Board criteria are competency based, NZCCP criteria are qualification based). Please download and complete the NZCCP Qualifications Overseas form here and submit this with your application. 

Professional Indemnity: Members of the College can purchase membership of the Medical Protection Society (MPS), which provides access to legal advice and representation in the event of a hearing. Even working for organisations such as District Health Boards or the Department of Corrections does not mean they will protect you in the event of malpractice complaints. You have enduring coverage for events that happened in the entire time you paid MPS fees so in the case of a retroactive complaint many years after your retirement, for instance, you will be entitled to representation. Student members of the NZCCP are entitled to be covered by the MPS scheme at no cost.

Medical Protection Society (MPS) membership application form

Information about MPS professional indemnity

Student MPS Membership Application form

NZCCP also warmly invites members of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) to enjoy many of the member benefits of NZCCP as part of the mutually supportive relationship between our two associations.  In addition to this, membership of NZCCP will be seamlessly extended to members of ACPA who come to live and practise in New Zealand. ACPA members can join NZCCP by simply submitting certified evidence of their membership of ACPA and receive the same level of membership as enjoyed with the ACPA, plus the added benefits of NZCCP membership.