Contact Details
Name: Lisa Markwick
Specialist Areas: Leadership, Mindfulness
Treatment Areas: Executive coaching, Mindfulness-based therapies
Client Types: Adult, Organisation
Address: 58 Crescent Rd West, Ostend, Waiheke Island, Ak, 1081
Practice Name: Mindful Adventures Ltd
Location: Auckland
Phone: 021313323
Bio: Lisa is a leadership psychologist, with over 30 years experience in transformation – personal, relational, organisational and community. She gets that interconnectedness is both our joyful reality and our challenge; that as we attend to the present we bring our history too, our old and our new stories, our hearts and our hopes for the future.

Lisa offers a personal partnership in the form of mindful coaching and mentoring to senior executives; facilitates small groups of motivated leaders towards purposeful wise action; and joins with key people in organisations as they learn, navigate and move through transformation towards meaningful success.

Lisa is the founder of Mindful Adventures Ltd, and joins with others in collaboration for diversity of thought, perspective and action.

She walks her talk. She brings her experience as Executive Director, as well as Psychologist, leadership consultant and very fallible human being to those she works with.

See LinkedIn for details of Lisa’s qualifications, her professional history and breadth of experience.

Lisa lives on Waiheke Island with her partner Gerbrand and Bammie - the cutest dog ever. From here she adventures off around the island and elsewhere finding coastal, forest and mountain tracks to explore at a gentle running pace; seas and islands to venture to by boat; music to dance to; and a very wild garden to tend to fostering natural native beauty and bird life as well as organic vegetables and fruits. A special almost daily joy is the harvest, however small, of home grown goodies.

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