This is a summary of the College’s rules and policies regarding complaints against Members and Affiliates of the College. A full statement can be found in the Rules of the College. See bottom of this page for the Code of Ethics.

Complaints should be directed to the Psychologists Board
As all Members and Associate Affiliates of the College are subject to the HPCA Act 2003, the Psychologists Board is the most appropriate body with whom to lay complaints. The College Council will offer information about the complaint process to anyone approaching the College who wishes to lay a complaint against one of its members. Members and Affiliates are required to inform the President of the College of the existence of any complaint laid with the Psychologists Board, and of the outcome of the complaint.

Student Affiliates
If the complaint concerns a Student Affiliate who is not registered under the HPCA Act 2003, the complainant is advised to take their complaint to the agency where the complaint originated, and to the head of the Diploma course in which that student is enrolled.

Disciplinary Action
Following investigation by the Psychologists Board, the Council may take whatever disciplinary action against the member against whom a complaint has been upheld. This action may include motions of censure, requirements for further training or supervision, or expulsion from the College. The College may publicise its proceedings where this is appropriate.

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