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NZCCP 2015 National Conference

Mar. 20 — 23, 2015All Day

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Saturday 21 - Sunday 22 March, 2015

Quality Hotel Parnell, Gladstone Rd, Parnell, Auckland  


For more detail and to register, download the brochure and registration form here



Pre-conference workshop, Friday 20 March, 9am-5pm, Bridging the gap between ACT and CBT for practitioners, presented by Joseph Ciarrochi

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) practitioners who have integrated Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) strategies into their practice find this revolutionary third wave treatment enormously effective. However, many encounter challenges due to the differences between the two therapeutic models. This workshop focuses how to bridge the CBT ? ACT divide and utilize both therapies for a powerful treatment approach. This practical workshop, grounded in current research, clarifies how CBT and ACT differ, how they are similar, and includes all the information you need to begin incorporating ACT techniques into your practice. 

Post-conference workshop, Monday 23 March, 9am-5pm, Optimizing the Engine of Individual DBT, presented by  Linda Dimeff

Providing DBT individual therapy for complex multi-diagnostic clients with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is no easy task ? even if it is highly rewarding. Mastering DBT individual therapy often involves developing and practicing (over and over) a lot of new skills ? as well as humility and support. Like mastering anything else important and complex, the more we learn, the more we realize how much there is to know and practice.  Our goal is to super-charge your effectiveness and confidence in providing DBT individual therapy through focused discussion, demonstration, and practice. This one-day workshop will zero-in on the following key areas that are often most challenging to master: 

  • Getting a solid initial commitment from an ambivalent client & using it throughout therapy.

  • Developing a client-specific DBT individualized treatment plan to get your client out of hell and on his/her way to a life worth living.

  • Structuring the session including how to strategically review the diary card, collaboratively set an effective agenda with your client, target the important topics and behaviors for the session, activate new behaviors now, and end the session well.

Post-conference FREE TO NZCCP STUDENT MEMBER workshop, Monday 23 March, 9am-5pm, ACT in a Flash:  Beginning Work with ACT - an introductory workshop for students, presented by Steve Humm and Kathryn Whitehead  

This workshop brings 18 years of combined trial and error learning in ACT to help students understand the model, avoid the traps, and avoid getting bogged down in too much jargon.  The workshop will be a brief experiential introduction where the six core processes will be explained in an understandable way and create a solid base from which to further learn ACT.  The aim is to make it palatable, accessible and workable.  Steve and Kathryn have both been learning ACT since 2005 and fully utilise it within their individual practices.  Combined they have attended many international trainings and conferences in ACT and want to distill and concentrate that learning to help folk get started with using ACT